Z1 Telecom
Celebrating 10 years of success

At Z1 Telecom we provide communication services to the business sector, including lines and call packages. We provide data solutions ranging from business grade broadband to the latest ethernet and fibre circuits. Our bonded broadband service will help your business stay connected.

About Us

Our Policy

We really do care about your communications.

Whilst it is our business to provide communication services, our whole ethos is to always remember that it is YOU that we are providing for.

We provide for businesses throughout the UK with our communication services ranging from basic telephone lines to more complex services where we connect multiple sites in a private, secure environment.

One Supplier

One point of contact for all your communications.

We can manage all your requirements, from the maintenance of your telephone system to the billing of your calls, lines and communication services. If you have a problem we will take control and ensure it is rectified as quickly as is feasible possible

> We have direct input into BT Openreach's systems
> We install and maintain your telephone systems
> We arrange all types of internet connections.
> We can connect all your sites on a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Our Team

Dedicated staff and fully trained engineers.

We could bore you with our knowledge of Telecommunications, and rest assured we would happily do so if asked. However, all you need to know is that we at Z1 Telecom will only provide you with the services you require. If you feel that your current service provider isn't meeting your demands we'll happily advise you on your alternatives.